Introducing Ernest Journal

So here’s a little more on my new independent publishing venture. Meet Ernest...

Along with a small team of incredibly talented people, I’m currently working towards launching a new magazine called Ernest Journal, which will explore our shared love for slow adventures, curious histories, timeless style, wild food and workmanship.

Ernest is a daily blog, a bi-monthly iPad magazine and a biannual printed journal for curious and adventurous gentlefolk. It will be a guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions and who care more for timeless style than trends. Ernest appeals to those of us who appreciate a craft gin cocktail as much as a hearty one-pot supper, who love the grain of wood and the smell of paper, who’d like to learn how to fly fish, brew beer in their shed and name all the constellations of the northern hemisphere.

I'm particularly excited about Ernest's curious histories section. We're keen to spin intriguing, seldom told yarns – from the tale of Rev Archibald Eneas Robertson, who took it upon himself to bag all of Sir Hugh Munro's peaks before the man himself (even being struck by lightning on one occasion, yet still summiting the mountain. What a guy!) to the invention of the Mechanical Turk, an 18th century automaton that beat Napoleon at chess.

Although I’m obsessed with beautifully designed print magazines, I’m equally excited about exploring iPad publishing, as I don’t think many publishers use digital to its full potential. We’re planning to embrace both tradition and technology, combining interactive digital editions with the a love for the smell of freshly printed paper. The monthly iPad editions will make the most of our love of tactile design and show-stopping photography, while also telling stories through short videos and interactive diagrams. We’re also planning to produce gorgeous paper items to tie in with each iPad issue – so keep an eye out for limited edition prints, guides and other papery goodness.

Although we’re exploring new frontiers in digital publishing, Ernest will always be rooted in our commitment to slow journalism. Plus, choosing to publish a print edition twice a year means that, when we do indulge in our love of paper, we’re going to throw our all into the magazine and it’s going to be special indeed.

To find out more, check out the Ernest Journal website or follow us on Pinterest...